A Wheel Bands Kit can be used on wheel sizes from 13" to 22".

Installation time varies based on wheel design, wheel size and experience level of the person doing the work. A first time do-it-yourself installation takes 40 minutes to an hour for a set of four wheels. A person who has installed Wheel Bands on several cars can do an installation on a set of four wheels in 20 minutes or less.



Installation detailed version...



• Wheel Bands should be installed at temperatures above 50°F (10°C). • Prior to installation they should not be stored above 120°F (50°C).• Before buying or installing Wheel Bands, please check the mounting requirements for Wheel Bands carefully.

If you have any questions or comments about installing Wheel Bands, please contact us directly.


An Installation Case History: Tesla S owner discovers RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands at EVannex. RimPro-Tec discovers customer's office is down the street from one of the nationwide Tint World Styling Centers that are authorized installers of Wheel Bands. Everyone meets. Everyone happy. Videos to explain everything


How to splice in a repair to damaged Wheel Bands™

Typical curb rash damage to Wheel Bands™ Close up of curb rash damage to Wheel Bands™ Pop out damaged color insert flip over color insert and re-insert Cut out damaged mounting track section of Wheel Bandremove residual tape from wheel splice in section of new mounting track snap back in original insert (flipped over)