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    • A Wheel Bands Kit can be used on wheel sizes from 13" to 22".

      Installation time varies based on wheel design, wheel size and experience level of the person doing the work. A first time do-it-yourself installation takes 40 minutes to an hour for a set of four wheels. A person who has installed Wheel Bands on several cars can do an installation on a set of four wheels in 20 minutes or less.



      Installation detailed version...



      • Wheel Bands should be installed at temperatures above 50°F (10°C). • Prior to installation they should not be stored above 120°F (50°C).• Before buying or installing Wheel Bands, please check the mounting requirements for Wheel Bands carefully.

      If you have any questions or comments about installing Wheel Bands, please contact us directly.


      An Installation Case History: Tesla S owner discovers RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands at EVannex. RimPro-Tec discovers customer's office is down the street from one of the nationwide Tint World Styling Centers that are authorized installers of Wheel Bands. Everyone meets. Everyone happy. Videos to explain everything

    • Think of RimPro-Tec® Wheel Bands as a 5 MPH bumper for your rims that also add a pinstripe color effect to your wheels.

      They have a unique two-piece hard plastic design backed with a shock absorbing acrylic foam attachment tape. Wheel Bands mounting tracks easily tape on to the front lip of rims. They have been specially formed in the manufacturing process with an arc shape that accurately matches the radius of wheels from 13" to 22". The tough plastic color inserts quickly snap into the mounting tracks. They can be quickly snapped back out for color changes or repairs.

      How can a piece of plastic help avoid damage to your alloy wheel?

      Compared to soft alloy wheels that will always be scuffed when hitting a curb, the hard plastic materials used in Wheel Bands take the first hit in low speed curb impact situations such as occur in parallel parking, drive thru windows, and ATM machines.

      Watch Wheel Bands perform in a typical curb kiss off. (18 seconds)

      Wheel Bands defend your valuable rims from curb scuffs by acting as a sacrificial product that absorbs impacts that would otherwise show up as light curb rash on your rims. A scuffed Wheel Band is a much easier repair than a curb rashed alloy wheel. Flipping out a Wheel Band insert or splicing in a quick fix to a track is a short DIY project measured in minutes not hours. It's a much less expensive proposition versus the $100 or more it costs to do an alloy wheel repair for curb rash.

      There are two repair options shown in the photos below. The first is to simply take out a damaged color insert, flip it over and snap it back in within seconds. The second repair option is for when the mounting track also has noticeable rash damage. To make an easy repair, cut out a section of damaged mounting track and then splice in a new section with the material that is usually left over in the Wheel Bands installation. It is not necessary to replace the entire Wheel Band.

      Option 1: Flip Over Color Insert

      Step 1 - 4

      Splice in New Mounting Track

      Step 5 - 8 (optional)

      Take a close look at the pictures in Step 1 and Step 2 above. Much of the damage that the Wheel Band absorbed would have shown up as curb rash on the alloy wheel. For many curb impact situations, Wheel Bands work as more than just a great color accent. They can, and do, offer a level of defense against minor curb damage.

    • RimPro-Tec® Wheel Bands™ are a new and exciting product. If you can't find the answer to your question on our FAQ page please contact us. We will respond to you promptly.


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