Customer Satisfaction

The most common comment our customers get from friends and curious onlookers when they realize RimPro-Tec® Wheel Bands™ have been installed is, "I thought they came from the factory that way."

...They look "factory" because Wheel Bands are made in the USA (Michigan) in an IATF 16949:2016 accredited automotive parts manufacturing factory using all OEM automotive grade materials.

Customer Appreciation...

Send us a photo or two of your Wheel Bands installation and we'll refund $20 on your kit order.

This repair option is for when the mounting track also has noticeable rash damage. To make an easy repair, cut out a section of damaged mounting track and then splice in a new section with the material that is usually left over in the Wheel Bands installation. It is not necessary to replace the entire Wheel Band.

Great Rides

When we say "factory finish quality and appearance" at the highest standards--- our customers back us up...

Electric Vehicles

Personalize your ride and at the same time add a layer of defense against against the hazard of curb rash that electric vehicles are prone to with their wider wheel bases.

Muscle Cars

Wheel Bands are a durable pinstriping/piping that accents other color detailing on your muscle car. Get the retro red-line tires or Hot Wheels look for a fraction of the cost.


Customize your truck or SUV to stand out from the crowd.