Restyle Your Rims with Plasti Dip and Wheel Bands

Can you use Plasti Dip with Wheel Bands? Yes! And your rims will look awesome!

Install your Wheel Bands FIRST then Plasti Dip as normal. Spray on an angle to keep the Plasti Dip out of the Wheel Bands track channel as much as possible - or put in the color insert first and then cut it free from the Plasti Dip. Not a DIY person? Visit a Tint World Styling Center. They'll install any combination of Wheel Bands and Plasti Dip you like.

Already have Plasti Dip on your rims? See: Installing Wheel Bands over Plasti Dip.

Special thanks to Edvin who provided pictures from his installation on his BMW M3 E46. You can share your ideas and opinions in the BMW and DipYourCar forums.

BMW M3 Plasti Dip and Wheel Bands